The massive struggle with Covid-19 continues with a disturbing growth in cases, deaths, and a lagging economy. A rise in income inequality has led to three in four households globally suffering declining income, with 82% of poor households affected. But there is a bright light — a robust stock market. After a slight decline at the pandemic’s onset, stock prices made a speedy recovery, yielding a combined 28% increase of $850 billion for U.S. billionaires, whose total wealth now approaches nearly $3.8 trillion — more than 60% of the wealth of the entire global population. …

מייקל שטיינהרט

מייקל שטיינהרט הוא מנהל קרנות גידור יהודי-אמריקאי, משקיע, מוציא לאור בעיתון ופילנתרופ. Michael Steinhardt שטיינהרדט ידוע גם בשם

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